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Validators are instantiated with a default configuration. You can override some values to your needs by providing a Configuration when instantiating your validator, using Validator<T>(CONFIGURATION_INSTANCE) { ... }.

Here's an example where we override the default violation message and the root path:

val customConfig = Configuration { defaultViolationMessage = "The field contains an invalid value" rootPath("custom", "root", "path") } val validateString = Validator<String>(customConfig) { length.constrain { false } } when (val result = validateString("foo")) { is ValidationResult.Success -> {} is ValidationResult.Failure -> { for ((message, path) in result.violations) { println("$path: $message") } } }

The output is the following:

[custom, root, path, length]: The field contains an invalid value

Without providing any custom configuration, it would have been:

[length]: The value is invalid.
Last modified: 24 May 2024